Give a token of appreciation
over the blockchain network!
Give a token of appreciation
over the blockchain network!
What we do?

What if there was a whole new way to show gratitude? You know… beyond tipping, smiling, and saying thanks?

Introducing thx! — which is short for “thanks.” It is a decentralized application that allows users to send tokens, through a blockchain network, to someone who’s provided them with outstanding service. Call them tokens of appreciation if you will. The THX tokens have intrinsic value that recipients can monetize or accumulate to improve their credit score.

thx! makes both senders and recipients benefit from using in countries where workers always exceed guests’ expectations without asking for tips. On the other hand, tourists and long-term residents want to express their gratitude by giving tips in any form. Now, they can send THX tokens instead of cash and small objects of appreciation.

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

– Albert Einstein

Our Tokens
What is THX Token?
Scoring Engine
Two-Layer Scheme
Made with
Plenty of Love
Mobile App
thx!© App enables people to exchange a token of appreciation in a just few clicks, requiring no prior technical knowledge behind the blockchain technology. It is as simple as your favorite conventional apps, like Facebook or Instagram, yet it acts as a decentralized application behind the screen. Our engineers are currently working around the clock to bring thx!© App to the market, and our alpha version is expected to be released in coming months. Please stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter.
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Q4 2018

ICO Launch

Q4 2018

Alpha Release

Q2 2019

Beta Release

Q3 2019

Regional Launch

Q4 2019

Global Launch

  • Q4 2018ICO Launch
  • Q2 2019Beta Release
  • Q4 2019Global Launch
  • Q4 2018Alpha Release
  • Q3 2019Regional Launch
Our Team
Meet of Professionals
Munetaka Takahashi

Serial entrepreneur with seasoned experience in successful IPO exits. He runs BANQ Corporation in conjunction with thx!, and is a big advocator of the blockchain movement.

University of Oxford

Aro Kondo

Consistently involved in leading-edge system development, such as developing a risk management system for financial institutions using a unique framework. He also serves as an executive of a blockchain startup.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Jun Takeda
Director of Gov't Relations

Previously worked for the Government of Japan as a senior official, his newfound passion has led to blockchain technologies that may bring positive impact on how we interact with people.

The University of Tokyo

Tet Wada
Director of Communications

Being the first Japanese male model at Q Models Management NY, he actively travels in Asia, Europe, and North America and speaks fluent Japanese, English, and Spanish as well as Mandarin Chinese.

Baruch College of CUNY

Mai Kobayashi
Director of Marketing

Founder and CEO of Hauoli Consulting Firm. She has been engaging in various projects for Accenture and McCann Erickson, involving leading and management roles.

Keio University (LL.B)

Edgardo TremilloFelix
Senior Developer

A Full-Stack developer and expert in cross-mobile app development. He is a coffee aficionado and enjoys working remotely from various cafes around the world.

Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
Jay Tan

Founder & CEO at WeHash Technology. He is a well-respected crypto mining pioneer with strong connections to major mining operators in China and North America.

The University of British Columbia

0 (1)
Kevin Chen

Being a general partner at GD1 Fund and Pinehurst Advisors, he invests in numerous high-profile projects in Asia, including Maicoin, the largest crypto exchange.


0 (2)
Nguyen Do

Among a handful of international lawyers qualified in both U.S. and Vietnam, he is a current partner of YKVN specializing in commercial dispute resolution.

Gonzaga University

We Collaborate Only With The Best
FST Network

FST Network is a leading blockchain solution provider, with a proven technology to revolutionize token economy.

BANQ Corporation

BANQ provides a holistic Fintech/HR solution to large Japanese corporations, with 15 millions of reachable user-base.

Liquid by Quoine

Liquid is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to be the leading provider of liquidity to the crypto economy.

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